Constitution of Bryn Mawr Mock Trial

At Bryn Mawr College

March, 2019

Article I


The name of this organization shall be Bryn Mawr Mock Trial here in after referred to as Mock Trial.

Article II


The purpose of Mock Trial shall be to have one or more teams entirely made up of Bryn Mawr students compete in AMTA competitions and non-AMTA invitational competitions as a team of attorneys and witnesses. During meetings, we analyze the case, and develop questions, speeches, and strategy, while practicing our roles for competition. This organization should improve members’ critical thinking, public speaking, writing, and legal analysis skills in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment.

Article III


Section 1: Eligibility: To be qualified for membership in Mock Trial, you must be a Bryn Mawr undergraduate student.

Section 2: Active Membership: To be qualified for active membership, you must attend at least ten meetings per year.

Article IV


Section 1: Number and Method of Elections: Mock Trial shall elect from the active membership two Presidents, one Vice President, one Treasurer, one Diversity Equity Chair, and one Secretary. They should be elected after the last competition and in April or May, any time before the school year ends. Any active member is eligible to hold office.

Section 2: Duties of Officers: (List all duties and obligations of each officer)

  1. Presidents (2):
  2. Preside over all meetings of Mock Trial.
  3. Be the main contact communicating with the AMTA.

Register the team(s) for AMTA tournaments and any non-AMTA invitationals.

  • If the team(s) have coaches, communicate with the attorney coaches and any other coaches.

4. Send email communications to members about meetings and other important information.

            B. Vice President:

1. Preside over all meetings in the absence of President.

2. Take over the duties of President in their absence.

3. Advertise the club on campus and through social media.

4. Any duties deemed necessary by the President.

            C.   Treasurer:

                   1. Account for all financial matters of the organization.

                   2. Pay for costs associated with the club (ex: competition registration fees, hotels, etc.) and obtain reimbursements.

                   3. Take over the duties of Vice President in their absence.

                   4. Any duties deemed necessary by the President.

            D.   Diversity Equity Chair:

                   1. Promote a culture of inclusion among historically marginalized groups.

       2. Provide resources and support concerning topics such as discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender.

       3. Develop and encourage initiatives to recruit members of diverse backgrounds.

       4. Any duties deemed necessary by the President.

            E.   Secretary:

                   1. Take minutes at all meetings.

                   2. Make calendar of meetings dates and agendas for each meeting.

       3. Assemble judge’s binder, print out all case materials needed for competition.

       4. Send reminder messages about upcoming meetings.

       5. Any duties deemed necessary by the President.

Section 3: Term of Officers: Each officer has one-year terms. Every officer must fulfill their term on campus. If someone will not be on campus for the entire year, they may not be an officer. Officers may be re-elected to the same office.

Section 4: Impeachment of Officers: Officers may be impeached. Grounds for impeachment are if the officer is directly responsible for the team not being able to compete, but only if a majority of members were prepared to compete and the club had the funds to compete. For example, if the members are prepared and have the funds to compete but the President fails to communicate with the AMTA to register the team for competition, that would be grounds for impeachment. As another example, if the Treasurer mismanages funds so that competition fees cannot be paid on time, that would be grounds for impeachment. Another thing that would be grounds for impeachment is if an officer is directly responsible for causing members harm or great distress. The procedure for impeachment is that any active member who wants to impeach an officer must write a formal letter stating what they believe are the grounds for impeachment, and the specific actions of the officer that fulfill those grounds. The letter will be read by all active members, and all active members (except for the officer being impeached) will vote on whether to impeach the officer. Active members must base their votes on whether the person seeking impeachment proved, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the officer should be impeached. If the person seeking impeachment has not met this burden of proof, the officer may not be impeached. If a majority (one more than half) of active members vote to impeach the officer, and if the burden of proof has been met, then the officer is impeached, and must immediately leave their position.

Article V


Section 1: Regular Meetings: Meetings will be held one to two times a week, in the afternoons or evenings, from September to April. Meetings may be held twice a week or more as competition dates approach or as the President and members deem necessary.

Section 2: Special Meetings: Special or emergency meetings may be called by any officer. Active members may suggest special or emergency meetings, but an officer must call the meeting. Special or emergency meetings may be called if there is an urgent issue to be resolved before a competition, or if there is any reasonable emergency issue that needs to be addressed by the team.

Section 3: Quorum: Quorum is one more than half of the total active membership. In this constitution, “majority” is a synonym for quorum.

Article VI


Section 1: Procedure for Amendment: Amendments must be submitted in writing to the President. The amendment will be read at two meetings and emailed to all active members before a vote is taken.

Section 2: Ratification: A three-fourths vote of the active membership is necessary to ratify the amendment.